Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oatmeal Pancakes

Almost forgot to take a photo.

I've been eating more oatmeal due to my high cholesterol, so I chose oatmeal pancakes as my first recipe to make from Kim Boyce's "Good to the Grain."  They're very good pancakes, with plenty of fluffiness.  If anything, I thought these were too conventional.  I might try to increase the amount of oatmeal or sub more oat flour for AP.

BTW, I used Bob's Red Mill for the oat flour and the oatmeal.  I'm buying Bob's stuff like an addict.  It's all really good.

Someone has kindly typed in the whole recipe here, so I won't duplicate it.  I subbed canola oil for butter, egg beaters for eggs, and (full fat) soy milk for whole milk.  I added a spoonful of flax meal too.  None of those seemed to be a problem, but the pancakes were kind of sweet, possibly due to the soy milk.

I had more cooked oatmeal left, so I tried them again.  This time I cut the AP flour in half and added 1/4 of it back as flax meal.  I also added blueberries.  The pancakes were tasty but too thick, so I added more milk to the batter.  I think these are still too sweet if you plan to put any topping on them.  I would skip the sugar, but possibly increase the molasses, which I can't taste at all.